01 November 2009


Why the Angels?
I loved the underdog, so I became an Angels fan in grade school. I was clueless that the "California Angels" played in somewhat distant Orange County. So despite the relative proximity of LA, I shunned the local Dodgers for the scrappier "other southern California team." And it happened that it was a perfect fit.
Sure, I was a definite casual fan (hey, a kid has other things going on like school and sports and... girl scouts!) and I did watch the 2002 World Series, but as I've grown up, I've learned to appreciate the philosophy and class that defines the organization. They may not have the storied history or a fan base that stretches a region of states, but there's no doubt in my mind that the Angels are one of the best organizations in baseball. And that history and fanbase is exactly what they're building today.

Why a blog?
I summed it up pretty well in my personal blog:
"its been a long time since I've written here. and there's a reason for it. this summer, I became reaquainted with a game I love. angels baseball.

the 2009 season having just ended, oh, a few hours ago, I can safely say it was a transformative one for me. To echo Torii Hunter, "I love this team. Sick talent."

[The time between undergrad and grad school was] very trying for me... [and] I (re)found the angels. Stuck in a rut, this team inspired me and reminded me why I loved the team, the organization, and the game. They work hard. They play smart. They battle through the tough times. And they Win.

And so I was no longer a casual fan. And I was no longer stuck in a rut.

Right now, the end of the season hurts. but I'm looking forward to next season and I know I won't be a casual fan again.
A blog will hold all my angels-related thoughts, especially since most of my friends are uninterested in baseball, but most of all it will be an outlet for my fan-dom and love for the team. Go Halos!

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