15 June 2011

warranty check

Kaz as a Halo is done.

Not that I have much to say about it. The writing has been on the wall for quite some time. And since a Kaz post is right below this, I figured I should put in an update.

My take?

Disappointment. What a waste.

But now the Angels (and angels&aimee) can close the book and move on.

The book on the 2011 season hasn't quite closed, yet I'm looking forward to the future and enjoying the glimpses today..

Bourjos, Walden, Conger, Trumbo, Chatwood........... Trout

24 March 2011

the curious case of kaz

I'm an obvious fan of Kaz, despite the well-earned vitrol he's gotten from the general fanbase. While I still have hope in him, I understand why others do not. He was beyond bad last year. Er, beyond beyond beyond bad.

I was hopeful this spring that he'd be able to recapture some semblance of effectiveness after spending the offseason under the careful eye of Butcher. But I definitely wondered if I was being unrealistic and if I was foolishly overlooking the general feeling in the halosphere that Kaz was done.

You'd think that I could make something of this dilemma from numerous spring training starts, but I'm even more perplexed.

I listened to Kaz's start today and it closely mirrored the results of his last start. Disastrous beginning, a few solid innings, high pitch counts, maybe a glimmer of hope, but tiny incremental improvements. All it needs is to be followed by quotes that he felt good and Sosh giving lukewarm endorsement mixed with skepticism.

I don't know. I want to believe that he could be a good starter, to the point where I doubt my own judgement. But then again, I'm skeptical of the dismissive attitude that the halosphere has taken with him. I think, as a fanbase, we're still experiencing the after effects of the disappointment with the Kaz trade. We thought we were getting an ace - someone that could fill Lackey's spot and someone that can slay the Yanks, BoSux, and Rangers. Well, we got someone that now has trouble putting away the Brewers. Some, I think like me, are overly optimistic because we really want to believe the Halos weren't swindled. Others, I think, are overly pessimistic and believe that since Kaz can't fufil those expectations, the Halos should eat his money and employ Bell or Palmer in his slot. I generally don't believe that there is a clear-cut better option than Kaz. Remember, all the Angels are asking of him is to be a serviceable fifth starter.

05 March 2011

heady stuff

Spring Training is a week in and I'm back to watching/listening/consuming Angels baseball.

What, are you surprised? I'm not that much a bandwagon fan.

If you truly care about someone/something, you never walk away after the first fight. You come back and try to work it out.

So I'm (somewhat) reconciled with the thought that the FO (cue Gob Bluth) made a huge mistake. But I'm still struggling to regain the faith and trust I held for FO moves. It's an ongoing process.

I'm actually not too concerned that I'm still skeptical of the FO. Isn't that a hallmark of any good relationship? That each challenges, inspires, and pushes the other? I want the Angels to be the best that they can be. They in turn, challenge and inspire me to be the best fan I can be. And of course, I give them unconditional love. Er, I just can't quit them!

It took me a long time (as you can see from the archives) to come back here. I tend to post when I feel like I have something to say - when the Angels give me something to say, to feel. And the past month or so, I've been sifting through how I feel about the FO and this season.