21 January 2011

confusion, derision

I was obviously disappointed when CC signed with the BoSox.

I was obviously frustrated when Beltre signed with the Rangers.

But I am completely out of my mind now that the Angels have acquired Vernon Wells.

(No disrespect to Wells. It's not his fault that the FO got swindled.)

I'd say that I'm pretty even-kneeled when it comes to criticizing the FO. There's no doubt that I was skeptical about their offseason moves, but I generally give them the benefit of the doubt. But then again, the FO isn't known to do such epically inexplicible things that even I, a common observant baseball fan, know is foolish.

Napoli and Rivera are useful pieces, to a degree. I'm not a particularly big fan of either. I know that Naps is getting expensive and that Rivera is moderately priced. I know that Vernon Wells is a useful piece. He had some good years before a string of bad years, but he rebounded nicely last year. Oh, the asterisk? He's massively overpaid to the tune of $86/4Yrs remaining - widely regarded as one of the most unmovable contracts in baseball.

I had a bad morning and well, just had a feeling that some Angels trade news was waiting for me at home. I was thinking that Tony traded for someone to upgrade the LF situation. So I was excited to hear that Naps was being traded. I was even optimistic when it was revealed that Wells was the one coming to Anaheim. I could have accepted a trade that brought cash along with Wells, to offset his ridiculous contract. But its unbelievable that the FO would bring in that contract without any compensation. The Angels FO is doing the Jays and AA a very big SOLID by not only bailing them out, but by paying them Naps and Rivera! I don't see the reason, Tony, I don't!

04 January 2011

beltre to the rangers

Everywhere is reporting that Texas and Beltre are on the cusp of a deal.

Damn it.

Really, the Angels' offseason is a stinker.

Okay FO, now what?