22 October 2010


No, your eyes are not deceiving you.

Yes this is a new post.

Yes, I'm raising angels&aimee back from the dead.

It's ALIVE!!! ALIVE!!!!

Okay, I got my corny joke quota out of the way. =)

Anyways, I'm back mostly because I never intended to put down this blog for good. I'm pretty disappointed and ashamed that the first season of angels&aimee was so much of a disaster (much like the Halo's season... I certainly hope that they too are disappointed and ashamed). However, I certainly learned a lot from the experience, and hopefully some good can come out of a lost season.

I certainly have a renewed respect for unpaid bloggers, especially those that additionally hold down a full-time job (and/or families and/or a social life, etc.). Blogging is certainly something that requires a firm commitment. It's quite easy for me to put aside this blog, under the guise of not-enough-time-for-luxuries and the madness of work/school. Funnily enough, I encountered an appropriate quote in one of my classes - "Blogs are like sharks, they must keep swimming or they die." (- Garr Reynolds). As I move on to my second season as a citizen of the halosphere, I'm going to keep that in mind as I try to strike a balance between "keep swimming" and fulfilling other commitments, between thoughtful & substantial posts and the quick & easy blurbs.

What definitely helps is that my love for the Halos and baseball hasn't lessened, contrary to the semi-death of this blog. I still believe that the Angels have what it takes to return to glory, even with the shake-ups in the FO. I've kept my eye on the baseball world and have been checking the playoff games (I kind of can't avoid all the excited Giants fans in the Bay Area). I was supremely disappointed that I missed Doc's no-hitter. Darn classes. Later, I'll hopefully have a cumulative post on my thoughts about this year's postseason and the effects, if any, it may have on the Angels.

Right now, I'm brainstorming on post ideas for what's looking to be a pivotal offseason, both for the Halos and for angels&aimee. I've already decided that this season warrants a review and analysis so I can hash out where I think the Angels need to go from here. Of course there will be thoughts about signings and trades. And then it'll be the sophomore season for this blog and hopefully, I will continue to learn and grow to become a better fan and blogger.

So onward we go. The Angels and Aimee.